Practicing on Flowers.

I try to get as much advice, tips, and pointers from any photographer, whether it be a pro, novice, or someone that simply knows nothing but somehow has a great eye of producing awesome photos, I want to know it all! It’s from them that I can only get better. When I first got my Nikon D80 from Amazon, I didn’t know who to practice on or where. So I purchased my first photography book by Scott Kelby called The Digital Photography book. This was by far one of the best books I’ve ever read! It truly gave me an insight on how pros think and certain ways to take photos. In the book it suggested to practice on flowers! So I went to my local flower shop and bought one of each flower! It was the best $37.00 I could have ever spent. I placed the flowers on top of my stove, turned on the stove light for lighting, turned on the kitchen light for more lighting and used my on camera flash. People have told me that by looking at these photos, they would have never known it was on top of my stove! Well it is!!!! That’s depth of field for ya!!!..These were the very FIRST photos I ever took with my Nikon D80! Hope you enjoy!






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